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Camp Kit List

73rd Derby (Allestree) ScoutsSuggested Camp Kit ListFull Uniform normally to be worn to and from camp and for any excursions to public places.Uniform is not suitable for Hiking, Climbing etc. Coathanger to store uniform whilst on camp - a garment dust bag or even a black bag is a useful additionPlease note: All neckerchiefs look the same so should be marked with the owners name under the badge at the apex.(On the reverse side).Morning:Camp clothing, sufficient for the length of the campTee ShirtUnderwearShortsSocksTrainersTrousers or Tracksuit bottoms Not Shellsuits - InflammableJeans are OK for the site but are not suitable for moorland walkingSweatshirt or JumperWashbag, Soap, Flannel, Deodorant, Tooth brush, Tooth paste, CombTowel, may need a large one or two if swimming is planned.Mealtimes:Cutlery, Knife, Fork, Spoon. Not good ones, always prone to being mixed up or lost. Name marked may help, not sticky labelsMug, Must be capable of being thrown round the field.Plates, Not needed on camps where mess trays are used, otherwise need to be indestructible.Teatowel, everyone brings a teatowel for their turn at washing up. Not your best one!.Bedtime:Sleeping Bag, if it’s in a fabric bag this will double as a pillow when filled with day clothes.Something to lay on, preferably something flexible like a ground mat or LiLo. Camp beds are not really suitable in patrol tents.Pyjamas/Sleeping clothesCamp fire Blanket, a traditional blanket covered in badges etc. Bring it to larger camps if you have one, or why not start one?Torch, it gets dark for the 2am trip to the looOther ThingsEssentialSandwich box, with food for Saturday lunch and to refill for subsequent days off site.Drink container, for days off siteHandkerchiefsCagoule, (Waterproof)Hiking Boots, or strong shoes, essential for some activitiesSwimming TrunksNotebook and penCamp Hat/Sun Hat, Of course you need it, Think positive.Day Sack, If we go out on a Day hike or an activity away from camp, there will be a need to carry items and food.Large Bag to pack everything in, the latest style of rucksack is not necessary, a large holdall or kit bag is more suitable for week camps. (Anchor Surplus at Ripley or Yeomans on The Spot)Pocket money, in purse or bag (you look after your own).Optional Roll of black bin liners, Wilko’s best, poly bags are always useful. Use from the middle of the roll.Couple of Jay Cloths, again always usefulCamera, Please not an expensive oneMini First Aid Kit, poly bag containing plasters, antiseptic cream, wasp ease, repellentSix Cakes - Each Scout should bring six cakes in their original packaging or a suitable container.PARENTAL CONSENT FORM(S)To be handed to the Scout leader on the morning of departureESSENTIAL OR YOU DON’T GO TO CAMP


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