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Derbyshire Jamboree

Every four years, tens of thousands of Scouts, from every corner of the world, gather in a tented city for two weeks of activities and adventure!The 22nd World Scout Jamboree will be held in Rinkaby, Sweden. We, Ben White, Cameron Lee and Tasha Marples have been selected to represent our scout group, District, County and Country as a member of the Derbyshire Unit in the summer of 2011.As part of the experience of the Jamboree there is a large amount of work. One of the main tasks is to fundraise the money to be able to attend the Jamboree. The cost of the Jamboree for Derbyshire is £2000 for each member. We will be running fundraising events such as quiz’s and sponsored events throughout the year.To be able complete our fundraising target we would like to ask for your kind support in our experience and ask that you would be able to support us by attending any events that we will be running or by buying a 400 Club Ticket. Any support that is received we would be extremely grateful.Please take the time to view the Jamboree section of our website. You will be able to follow our progress and find more about the events we will be running and about the 400 Club that will support us.Yours Faithfully,

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